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ASEAN & Product Safety

by Rahmah Ismail Wan Amir Azlan Wan Haniff & Syed Sagoff Alsagoff

Publisher - Penerbit UKM

Category - General Academics

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed in 1967 with the aims of unifying the countries in the region and forming a consortium that is able to assist one another in the presence of global powerhouse. Over the years, ASEAN has managed to come to an agreement on many issues that have affected its survival and competiveness. The launching of ASEAN single market and trade liberalisation may result in greater vulnerability to consumers. The need to minimise risks associated with trade liberalisation and vulnerability of ASEAN consumers exposing themselves to the benefts that come along with the concept of a single market is critical. ASEAN should have a proper framework that could be employed to protect its consumers in the midst of trade liberalisation and challenges faced by frontiers without borders in its overall projection and vision of a single market.

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